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Post Anchor
Adjustable post anchor with electric galvanized, hot dipped galvanized. PVC powder coated.
We are professional supplier of garden hardware. All our products are exported to overseas. We mainly export to European market ,USA market and other countries with good quality and favourest prices.Our products as follows:
1) pole anchor with 46, 51, 71,81,91,101,121,141 with 150mm or 200 box and with  electrical galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, PVC powder coated .
2) post anchor with different forms with  electrical galvanized, hot dipped  galvanized, PVC powder coated .
    post anchor H-form, post support U-form, L-form, post anchor Y-form, post anchor TT-form and many types etc wtih all the sizes which at your choice.
3)adjustable post anchor, screw ground anchor with or without  and cap, bolt down, signs post and many other special ground anchor.All the surface can be dealt with electrical galvanized, hot dipped  galvanized, PVC powder coated .
4)fence support with plastic cap, tomato stick, tomato support etc.All the surface can be dealt with electrical galvanized, hot dipped  galvanized, PVC powder coated.
5) fence, fence door with pvc powder coated.
6) Wire strainers :France wire strainers, Spanish wire strainers, German wire strainers.
7) post cap: hot dipped galvanized, stainless, copper,electric galvanized.
    ball post cap,pyramid post cap with the sizes: 71x71mm or 91x91mm.
8) animal cage and animal trap,bracket etc.
9) netting, wire mesh,
9) netting, wire mesh,
If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will offer you our favourest prices and best service.
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